Friday, September 21, 2007

Japan: Additional Patch Table Changes

Sonic Team is apparently still updating the patch table they posted as a news item. Here's some more changes (some of which have already been reported on). They were posted on the 19th.

Partner Cards will specify if a character is from World 1 [E-1] or 2 [E-2]. This was changed from just 'JP'.
Chat is possible during cutscenes.
Change to goggle activation time. (This fixes an certain exploit.)
You can change into first person view while sitting.
Attack power while using photon arts with the Hanzo has been adjusted.
Attack power while using photon arts with shock element Kubara weapons has been adjusted.
The fees at Lumilass have been reduced. (Thanks to EspioKaos for the specific shop.)

Official Patch Table


Angelo said...

I get the distinct impression the goggles fix is to stop the rapid fire laser cannon exploit.

S-T-H said...

Yea. They did add extra frames to the 'cut in' animation that is very noticeable when trying to use the exploit. I actually added the bit in parenthesis. I just didn't want to get into specifics.