Thursday, September 20, 2007

General: More Beast Bonfire Details

Chillaura (one of the admins) writes:

...for traveling to the Northern Ice Plains there is a CAST NPC who can transfer you there, provided you are invited to a party that has a player there. I can't promise that there will be someone waiting at the Flyer Base on Moatoob to shuttle everyone there all day, but we will make sure this process gets started and will greatly appreciate any help from players. And don't worry about which universe, I am sure you will figure it out if you are online for the event.

Before that, he explains that different GM run events happen on each server but:

SEGA intends to bring all game content to the US servers.

I don't understand why people still seem to think otherwise. I'm positive we'll see the major (Sonic Team) events and content that Japan has in one way or another. It's just a matter of when. After all, we haven't had the game quite as long as they have. Even then we've been catching up in terms of game content updates.

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