Tuesday, September 18, 2007

General: Beast Bonfire GM Event on September 25th

This is the first in a number of Race Appreciation Days. To make this more clear, the Beasts are AROUND the fire not IN it. I fear that the wording of that question may have more than one meaning, but assuredly they were making a reference to the nanoblasts and the activation of such.

The location of this event will be at the Ice Plains lobby. Directions to this lobby are linked from PSUP below. The universe doesn't matter. eggshen (a forum admin) has said to 'break out your beasts. go to the bonfire. see what happens'. Could be interesting. I'd suggest everyone take time out to go to it. The time slots for each server as well as the full backstory are given at the link below.

Official Beast Bonfire Page
Directions to the Ice Plains
Discussion Thread

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