Thursday, September 13, 2007

AotI: Update on Class Attributes and More

EspioKaos has mentioned that Dengeki PlayStation (JP trade magazine) reports changes to the classes in AotI. There have been some modifications to prior announcements, so I would check this out. Some things have admittedly changed from his source since he's posted these, so read the replies in the threads carefully.

More information from him:

New enemy: Saugeeta
I haven't seen pictures yet, but I'm willing to bet it's a beefier version of the Ageeta. (Similar to the Go Badira to a Badira.) [Note: Picture above provided by Mewn from PSUP]

Drop item attribute changes
* Drop items will now have random attributes.
* Elemental percentages will be random, too. Right now it looks like they generally range between 7% and 21%.

Meseta drop adjustment
* Now it seems that no matter what enemy drops meseta, it will never be less than 250.

Mission rewards adjustments
* We will see a BIG decrease in the amount of Meseta paid out at the end of a mission. (About 1/2 less than what we get now.)
* MP rewards have not been adjusted yet, but it is under consideration.

Item synthesis
* Synthesis times will be reduced drastically.
* We will see certain trends as far as elemental percentages in weapon and line shield synthing. (Eh... They give the example of out of 10 sabers, you could see a range of 38% to 42%. Not too sure what they're getting at.)

Lumilass additions
* We already knew that voice changing would be an option at Lumilass, but it's mentioned that even the "hidden" voices would be selectable.

Item stacking
* Recovery items that could previously only be stacked to 10 will now have a cap of 20.

Thread Specific to Attribute Update
EspioKaos's AotI FAQ Thread on PSOW

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