Friday, September 21, 2007

AotI: Tokyo Game Show

AotI has made it's way to TGS and I've seen it mentioned a few places. Since Sega put it on their list of things to show off I figured it would pop up around.

MS put up a few subtitled videos from their press conference they held before TGS onto Live. You can download these by going to the Marketplace blade and navigating to Games->New Arrivals->Bringing it Home. The 6th and last video has a montage of games at the end of it. AotI makes a short appearance close to the end. There is no new footage here, only a couple clips of the CG commercial in HD. This footage is also shown in the 'Xbox 360 Title Montage' which is a similar, but longer version of the montage. This is also on Live or at the link below.

Sega put out a trailer themselves. It seems like they edited together several of their prior trailers. I've linked it as well.

The other is a recent update to the JP AotI page. Apparently they are preselling a few phone cards with designs from AotI. For a second, I almost thought we only had one update this week. The real one should be up shortly.

IGN has posted a couple more screenshots of AotI for PC and PS2 as part of their TGS coverage. I should also mention that even though it was a part of the 360 game montage, Sega is only showing the PC and PS2 versions at TGS.

360 TGS Montage
TGS AotI Trailer
Phone Card Presale at TGS
PC Screenshots at IGN
PS2 Screenshots at IGN

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