Friday, September 14, 2007

AotI: PoA Chapter 3, Hal Report 6, More Product Info

There seems to have been alot of expansion information in the past day. Sonic Team continues the trend in their usual weekly update.

First up is the new Phantom of Arkguard chapter. I'll post the translated version whenever it's done. I must comment about the second for a bit here. It's out there, but not in the best state for me to post here. I'll see if we can't get a good thing going with the creation and posting of these to a solid website. Parn had a good thing going, so I'm wondering what happened.

Next up is the 6th Hal report. They start showing a couple of the new enemies appearing in the expansion. It goes on to show some of the new areas. The last part shows basic examples of the various returning PSO stuff in action together. There would seem to be only one Hal report left after this one.

Lastly, they updated the product information page to include a FAQ. But since I never really broke down this section of the site and I thought it would be useful I'll go ahead and do it. The first section is a breakdown of availability dates and prices. It also contains basic things like age rating and box art. The second is a graph with information we already know. It covers which episodes are available online and offline for the original game and the expansion. For anyone that doesn't know yet, the expansion can be used as a standalone game. The third is a basic system requirements page. AotI will for sure support Vista. Sonic Team was able to find a minor issue that they reported on to users awhile ago on how to make the original version work with it. But if you want to run under Vista, it would seem that you should have twice the memory as XP. The last (once again) is the FAQ. There is not really any more interesting information in here that wasn't reported on previously.

PoA Chapter 3
Hal Report 6
Product Page

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