Friday, September 7, 2007

AotI: PoA Chapter 2, Hal Report 5, New My Room Photos

Today there is a large update over at the official JP AotI page.

Number 1 is the new PoA chapter. When this one inevitably gets fan localized, I will be sure to post the results.

Number 2 is a new Hal report. They go over some new additions to AotI. The slicer and whip, the madoog and shadoog (PSO types as well), new weapons for existing types (some PSO), new SUV weapons, and a mention of the new grinding system.

Number 3 is an update with new my room photos and information. Much of this was discussed previously in magazine articles. This one is large, so let me break it down:

1. You have a grid system for placing objects around the room. Something new to me is that you can also place things on tables.

2. They show use of a ticket that allows you to move to another planet. Parum and Neudaiz are shown. Moatoob was featured in a magazine article.

3. A breakdown of the new shop search features. You can actually set a variety of parameters.

4. You can change the music that plays in your room. It was mentioned before that special items will allow you to add songs to the list.

5. There is a new bulletin board feature. You can leave messages for the room's owner here as long as they have a newer room reform ticket.

6. Interactive room objects. They show an example of room decoration specific animations (prior shown cactus), what seem to be prize machines, and a device that measures height and mass.

7. New partner machinery types. Male and butler examples are given. There also seems to be some sort of a new in game guide to changing your pm into one of these forms.

PoA Chapter 2
Hal Report 5
My Room Page

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