Wednesday, September 26, 2007

AotI: Out in Japan

AotI is now upon Japan. Expect lots of information incoming. They are experiencing problem after problem right now, but there is still a great amount of new stuff to read about. Sonic Team has also redesigned their JP PSU page.

At a link below you can see some of the stuff they've gotten in their first update with AotI. I've included a link to EspioKaos's translation of this.

Here's a bit more from him:

As it turns out, when you clear Chapter 10 in Illuminus' offline story
mode, all of the PSO costumes are unlocked.

More offline PSO stuff sounds really nice. But these will of course also be available online.

JP Content Update for 9/27
EspioKaos's Update Translation
AotI FAQ Thread on PSOW

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