Saturday, September 22, 2007

AotI: More from Famitsu Weekly

Once again quoting EspioKaos:

And some more news from this week's issue of Famitsu. Scans can be found here and here. (They're small and difficult to read, so I had to get this info from another source: Shougai PSO.)

New character: Karl Friedrich Howzer
Well, we already know about him from Episode 2: Chapter 10 as well as The Phantom of Arkguard, but now he's confirmed to appear in Episode 3.

New character: Ohbel
Not to be confused with President Ohbel Dallgun, this character is referred to by Howzer as "a completely helpless man." From what little I can see in the scan and going by his hair style, I think this might be Olson Waber.

Episode 3
* This is stated to be the final chapter of our story.
* It takes place many months after the end of Episode 2.
* We know we'll be able to make our own choices in the story, but as it turns out, whether certain characters live or die will depend on the choices you make throughout the story.
* As I reported a few posts up, Lumia joins the GUARDIANS. You will take the role of her mentor.

Episode 2
* The new fields available in the expansion will be made available offline through free missions, not story missions.
* Story mode will allow you to select your difficulty level, much like PSO with normal, hard, very hard and ultimate difficulties.

My room
* When you move to one of the planets, your room will be located as that particular planet's GUARDIANS branch.
* One new room decoration (Graline Answer Chair) is revealed. It resembles a "hot seat" that quiz show contestants might sit in.
Lots of great stuff. Looks like the PSO stuff might not be limited to online use.

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