Saturday, September 22, 2007

AotI: LOGiN Episode 3 Info

News straight from EspioKaos:

I've uncovered some more Episode 3 info, including the ID of our new planet. All of this info comes from the latest issue of LOGiN magazine.

* The first chapter of Episode 3 is entitled "Despair and Hope." The story starts off with Laia going missing. You and Lumia go after her, but Ethan is doing what he can to stand in your way.

* SonicTeam's plan is to release a new chapter of Episode 3 once per month.

* It seems that you don't have to complete Episode 2 to begin Episode 3.

* The name of our creepy new planet... "Dark Planet Ryucross." That's right, Ryucross. It is the SEED fortress.

* The magazine says that the interior of Ryucross is made up of "familiar scenery." I think this might be where all of the PSO stages take place.

For anyone not up on their Phantasy Star history, please visit the link below to find out why 'Ryucross' is significant.

Phantasy Star Wiki Page on Rykros

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