Thursday, September 13, 2007

AotI: Initial Missions

EspioKaos has given some information on the missions that are planned for day one of AotI.

Scarred Planet
(Holtes City Flyer Base to Old Rozenom City)
C: Player LV1, enemy LV5
B: Player LV10, enemy LV25
A: Player LV25, enemy LV50
S: Player LV60, enemy LV100

City of Thunderbeasts
(Old Rozenom City to Paracabana Beach)
C: Player LV1, enemy LV10
B: Player LV10, enemy LV30
A: Player LV25, enemy LV55
S: Player LV60, enemy LV105

AMF HQ Recovery
(AMF HQ to ???)
Probably lets out at Metro Linear. (Could've sworn this was "Metronilia,"
but it must've been a typo in the original articles; or this could be.) The
requirements and enemy levels currently are unknown. It's mentioned that
infected CASTs equipped with knuckles and grenades are the main enemies.

Metro Linear Breakthrough
(AMF Metro Linear Platform to ???)
Requirements and enemy levels are unknown.

Cherry Blossom Magic
(Kugo Hot Springs to ???)
Requirements and enemy levels are unknown.

Ice Cavern
(Vio Tonga to Granigs Mine)
C: Player LV1, enemy LV15
B: Player LV15, enemy LV35
A: Player LV35, enemy LV55
S: Player LV50, enemy LV90

Awakened Serpent
(Granigs Mine to Casino Volyale)
C: Player LV1, enemy LV20
B: Player LV15, enemy LV40
A: Player LV35, enemy LV60
S: Player LV50, enemy LV95

EspioKaos's AotI FAQ Thread on PSOW

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