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AotI: Change Log

A new change log has been posted for things in AotI on the official JP page. It also lists how some items will affect the original version as well. Feel free to comment if I've made any mistakes or if you don't quite get something. Prior reports on some of these features have been far more indepth, so ask if you want more information.

× = AotI only
○ = PSUv1 and AotI
△ = Some incompatibility with PSUv1
- = Website

System changes:

× Convert PAs back into disks
× Auto follow and auto run
× Simple mail can be sent directly from a partner card
× By default it will not quote when replying to a simple mail
× It will now display your current number of cards as well as the max
× Can now customize face and voice in character create (probably separate menus now)
× Login and character create screens have changed (probably to be recognized as AotI)
× Newly created characters start with an AotI version My Room
× PS2: Conversion dictionary adjusted (I believe it's a text input feature)
× Windows: Shadow map option (Instead of a circle, get a more realistic shadow)
× Windows: Widescreen (only 1280x720)
○ Can activate first person view while sitting


× New lobbies added as well as the casino
○ You can jump to a midway lobby for a small fee (if you've already been there)


× You can choose an indicator icon relevant to your status (looking for party, soloing, etc.)
× Hair types and accessories can be assigned separately
× Expressions will be rendered on characters performing lobby actions
× Windows: Can use mouse for character movement
○ Character max level is raised from 100 to 110
○ Class max level is raised to 15 from 10 [Basic classes don't see a stat change]
△ PA max level is raised from 30 to 40 [PSUv1 won't see new effects above level 31]
○ You can carry up to 20 of certain support items instead of 10
○ PSUv1 characters are marked with a white name, AotI's are marked with a yellow name
Certain information will appear as [???] if a PSUv1 player cannot see it
○ Character stat adjustments (mostly significant increases)
○ You can now mix and match more sets of clothes


× New classes (Acrofighter and Acrotecher)
× New enemies and bosses
× Attack range of enemies is changed (basically they fixed the collision)
× When you reach the current max character level, it will display [EXP Full] when killing an enemy
○ [I'm not sure on this one. What I see doesn't make much sense to me. Will be edited later.]
○ Monster behavior when being attacked is modified (many weapons and technics cause knockback now)
○ Character class balancing
○ Random is now the default item distribution setting
○ Protransers can discover traps automatically (you still need goggles to destroy them)
○ Equipable weapons (types and max rank) and max PA levels have been changed for character classes
△ Just attack introduced (PSUv1 graphic effect is minimal)
△ Just counter introduced (PSUv1 graphic effect is minimal)
○ PP can be recovered after certain types of attacks
○ Elemental attribute calculations are modified (lower percents are more effective)
○ Status effects are retained when activating SUVs and nanoblasts
○ A random elemental percentage is now added to dropped weapons and shields
○ More meseta will drop if more people are in the party
○ Meseta distribution modified (this depends on how you set your drops)
○ PAs are balanced (many increases, a few decreases in percent bonuses)
○ Larger enemies have lower STA
○ More experience is given for both enemies and bosses
○ Enemies will be more susceptable to status effects (even lower leveled ones)
○ Enemy speed of high level monsters was lowered (we already have this)
○ Partner Machinery can now have a battle stat of 200 max instead of just 100


× Lots of new missions and fields
× Can return to lobby at a checkpoint
× Drop items have been changed for PSUv1 enemies appearing in AotI missions
× Destroy container effect is changed
× Voices are added to the network version of Episode 2
○ Less meseta is given at the end of a mission, but more is given as drops
○ Death penalty change (PC/PS2 already has this, 360 is still waiting on it)
Additional note: AotI specific items will not drop in PSUv1 missions


× Slicers, Whips, Madoogs, and Shadoogs are added (PSUv1 users will view this stuff VERY oddly)
× New shields
× New units
× New high rank weapons
× New clothes and parts (PSUv1 users will see the clothes you had at character creation)
× New PAs
× New SUVs
× Weapon manufacturers will produce for any rank
× Many new weapons for current categories (PSUv1 users will see a substitute weapon and indication)
○ EX traps for Protransers
Additional note: PSUv1 characters can hold AotI items
Additional note: Something about trading items between versions using PSUv1 fields
Additional note: Something about indicating AotI items to PSUv1 players even when graphics aren't available

My room:

× Many items are added (you cannot use these with PSUv1 reform tickets)
× New reform tickets [adds bulletin board, free layout, customer response to PM, jukebox]
It looks like PSUv1 players can't visit these reformed rooms
× Can remove boards from the PM
× Other players can see more synthesis information (including elemental attribute percent)
△ New shop search implemented (PSUv1 players cannot search for new item categories)
Additional note: AotI items will be viewable in player shops to PSUv1 users, but cannot be bought

Synthesis (and grinding):

× Certain consumable items can now be synthesized (like traps)
○ S rank grinders can be synthesized
○ Much shorter synthesis times
○ High percent grinders will synthesize at a different (probably higher) frequency
○ Room items have 100% chance of synthesizing
○ Success rates and high elemental percent chances are increased
○ Higher end synthesis failure items
△ New grinding system implemented (failure results in lower max grind) (PSUv1 still warns breaking)


× Modification to item display
× Modification verification added at Lumilass
× You can modify your face and voice at Lumilass
× An indication of added items is displayed
○ Prices at Lumilass are heavily reduced
○ Sell back rates to NPCs have been improved (I've heard 75% more)


× New evolution forms for PMs (examples are the butler and male types)
× A certain item can be used to increase PM storage space (50 slots at a time, up to 500)
× You can move your My Room to a planet
- The official site keeps track of the current popular missions and other information
× Episode 3 starts
× Episode 3 features a branching story depending on your choices (characters can even die as a result)
× PSO clothes added (includes hair types and accessories as well as head and face parts)
× PSO fields added
○ World integration between the two sets of Japanese servers

Update: Addition relating to PM battle stat. Changed a point to state that new characters begin with an AotI design room (not the patch of actually starting inside your room on entrance to the servers).

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