Thursday, August 16, 2007

Xbox 360: Lottery

Rated from the UPPA has been holding a Lottery for a little over a week now. Details are as follows:

PSU Lottery Rules:

1) Players can purchase up to 10 tickets each drawing period for 10,000 meseta each.

2) Any 4 digit number consisting of the numbers 1-6 is purchasable as long as it has not already been purchased.

3) 10 Lotto numbers are drawn in public using the dice command on every other weekend.

4) Tickets are rolled over from prior drawings when a winning number is not drawn.

5) There will be an online spreadsheet available at the U.P.P.A. website to view drawing times, dates, ticket #'s, and ticket holder names.
As this event continues from week to week, I won't report on it each time. I may decide on announcing winners though. Those could double as reminders that it's still going on.

Update: This post is outdated. The lottery has ended pretty much as the UPPA have gotten a new site and figurehead.

Rated's Announcement Thread
UPPA Website

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