Monday, August 20, 2007

Xbox 360: European Price Cut and New Packages

Microsoft has reduced prices now in Europe too. A slide taken from a presentation also shows new contents of a couple models.

Arcade: £180/€ 279 (White color, 256 meg memory card, 5 live arcade games)
Premium: £250/€ 349 (Silver color, 20 gig hard drive)
Elite: £300/€ 450 (Black color, 120 gig hard drive, hdmi cable)

The arcade is basically the core model. But it also comes with a wireless controller now too. Keep in mind though that AotI needs a harddrive to store itself on.

Update: Kotaku is reporting that the 'arcade' package is likely to make it to the US as well.

New Packages - Care of Kotaku
Price Cuts - Care of Kotaku [Press release from MS included]

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