Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Other: Welcome

I've decided that a piece of our community that hasn't quite been implemented yet is a fully active and informative blog. Sonic Team's English PSU blog was given up on after awhile (but didn't feature much outside of a few gameplay bits). I had found two or three others, but they were outdated. Even then they weren't updated much. Some posts were a bit low on the grammar as well.

What you will find here is practically anything of interest to current and prospective PSU players. Once the ball is rolling, I will be updating on everything from official news updates from the US PSU homepage to major player run events. The convenience here is that informative news items won't be buried under other things that usually clog the official forums. You can also receive news updates from here automatically through an RSS reader. Many people I know use Google Reader, but I have them posted to my iGoogle. It's a customizable Google homepage.

I intend to keep this blog clean and unbiased. There will be posts relating to each server (360 or PC/PS2), but everything will be categorized appropriately. I'm not going to resort to putting down a server and I'm not going to tolerate comment posts to that respect either. I have the same general rules about posts as the official forum and I will enforce them.

In the coming days there will most likely be changes going on. I haven't settled on a final template and I still need some graphical things (primarily a banner). If you would like to make suggestions, you can PM me on the official forums (username S-T-H) or just leave a comment under this post. Also PM me if you have a 'press release' for an upcoming player run event. I'll be happy to post it.

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