Thursday, August 23, 2007

PS2/PC: Tails Sidekick Saturday

Sonic Team has announced a new program for the PC/PS2 servers. On Saturdays they are going to encourage help from the experienced players to newer ones. Details as follows:

We're calling on veteran GUARDIANS to take this opportunity to help train the
next generation of heroes by seeking out beginning players and teaching them
some tips and tricks for running missions and fighting monsters. Although we
encourage this level of commitment, all players who enter the game anytime
Saturday September 1st will be rewarded with a Tails Statue room decoration
later in the month for their participation in this event.
It looks like this is their answer to the complaints of the Xbox 360's demo weekends. I can imagine they will be running these fairly often and may even try to catch up in terms of promotional items. Don't let their goodwill go to waste: help a newbie!

Sidekick Saturdays Announcement

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