Thursday, August 16, 2007

PS2/PC: Race of the Past Event on August 17th

Felix and the Masters of Gyai/Magic are hosting the 'PSU Tour a Race of the Past' event for the PC/PS2 server. Details are as follows (with small spelling corrections):

This event is a race of PSU worlds. Starting in the Guardians Colony 5th Floor and ending in parts unknown! This race will use every planet avaliable to us players. There are checkpoints along the way that will not only test your knowledge of the world you play in, but also lead you through the event.

There will be puzzles to be solved and questions to be answered!

To win simply be the first one to the hidden finish line and answer the big question! Do so as the first person at the finish line and win 10 million Meseta!!!

It will be held in Universe 8 at 9pm EST.

All this will happen on Aug.17th.
9 PM EST = 6 PM PST = 2 AM GMT August 18th. Certain details will only be available at that time.

Felix's Announcement Thread

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