Thursday, August 16, 2007

Other: Common Terms, People, Things

I figured I should make a list of names, abbreviations, etc. that I may be using in this blog (to make sure we're all on the same page). Here goes:

GU: Guardians United - PC/PS2 and Xbox 360 community group
UPPA: United PSU Players Association - Xbox 360 community group (Current Thread and Site)

Game Masters (Also forum administrators):
chillaura, RubyEclipse

Other Forum Administrators:
Momonpso, Kef

Forum Moderators:
Samurai Silhouette, Ironfox, Silver19, Lucente, VD0GameMaster, S-T-H

PSU_Castor (RubyEclipse), Lucente (Iceman): Run the PSU Community Podcast

AotI/AoI: Ambition of the Illuminus - First PSU expansion

ST: Sonic Team

MS: Microsoft

Live: Now used for most all of MS's online services, but I will be using it for Xbox Live specifically. I may also use XBL.

Marketplace: Xbox Live Marketplace

XBLA: Xbox Live Arcade - I probably won't use this one, but just in case.

XP/Vista: Versions of Windows - I hope you know these at least.

PSU: Penn State University - Just to make sure you got down here.

PSOW: PSO-World - Great item database and other information.

PSUP: PSUPedia - English PSU wiki. Great data charts.

EN/JP: English and Japanese accordingly. Refers either to the fact that there may be two versions of a webpage or just as a shorthand to say what language a page is in or which servers it applies to.

Other terms and people I'll give a short description of when the time comes. Although I may edit this if I forgot anything important.

Update: There is a new forum thread as well as site for the UPPA. The old one is out of date. The expansion is now out. I also added the forum names of the podcast guys.

Update: RubyEclipse has a GM position now and was upped to forum admin. Several others were given mod positions.

Update: There is a new UPPA site.  I've also reorganized the GMs, admins, and mods.  These aren't all of them, just the ones that most frequent the official PSU forums.

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