Monday, August 20, 2007

General: PSU's Monthly Fee Will Remain

I wouldn't even say that this is news, but Clumsyorchid felt the need to post an announcement about it. Some people think that PSU is going to become free in the near future. This is an incredibly false rumor that has primarily been floating around the Xbox 360 servers (mainly the demo one). Here's a bite from ST themselves:

The online fees cover a long list of expenses, one of which is the development costs for future content creation and implementation. Server and bandwidth costs come into consideration, as well as funding customer service, GMs, web, and marketing. There's a good amount of things that go on behind the scenes of any game that you may take for granted, but they all usually have a price tag attached. While we would love to open up the game to everyone, we still have many expenses that prevent this from becoming a reality.
The push here from him is to try and stop many of the messages they get on the forums and otherwise. I think that the main hope that created this rumor is that almost every other online 360 game (excluding FFXI) is included under the Xbox Live Gold fee. What people need to remember is that Microsoft hosts many of these games and they usually do not get updates. Even then, a charge is usually assigned to them. Square and Sega are responsible for their own servers and content and need their fees so that they can provide almost everything that their respective playerbases hope for in terms of updates and customer service. I'd hate to think about what PSU would be like if Sonic Team put no additional work into it.

Clumsyorchid on Recent Rumors

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