Friday, August 31, 2007

AotI: Phantom of Arkguard Chapter 1 Translation

EspioKaos over at PSOW has created an English script for the recently released first episode of the 'Phantom of Arkguard' moving comic. I also give him credit for correcting me from calling it the 'Prologue of Arkguard', which is actually the trailer for the moving comic that was posted earlier. The names were so similar I didn't even notice the difference when typing it up. Anyway, he plans to create a frame edited picture comic with English translations in the appropriate areas. I'll post again when this is done.

If you aren't familiar with him, he just happens to be the guy that translates many of the articles about AotI that pop up in various Japanese magazines. Much of the information we get now about the game comes through him. You'll probably see his name more when more articles come out.

Phantom of Arkguard
EspioKaos's PoA 1 Translation

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